The advertisements should not be age restrictive, nationality, race and gender specific.
The Chamber does not endorse nor approve the jobs advertisements posted on the website by the Chamber members. It is the sole responsibility of members who post the advertisements about the vacancies in their companies.
The job seekers should directly contact the advertiser. The Chamber will not entertain any type of approach in this regard.
The Chamber also does not endorse or recommend any candidate approaching companies on the basis of their advertisements on the Chamber’s website. It is the advertisers’ responsibility to check the applicants’ credentials and visa status.

  • Job Title : 助理審查員

    Qualification & Experience : 接聽電話, 打字, 電腦資料輸入及審查文件檔案管理

    Additional Requirements, if any : 中六學歷程度

    Contact Details : 韓小姐

    Company Name : 香港印度商會

    Phone : 28436699    Email : dalphine@icchk.org.hk