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The Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong
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Certificates of Origin
The Chamber is authorized by the Hong Kong Government to issue Certificates of Origin for export shipments. Certificates of Origin issued by the Chamber are protected under Chapter 342 of the Hong Kong Laws and is recognised by Customs authorities all over the world. The Chamber issues the following types of Certificates of Origin:

  1. CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) Certificate of Origin
  2. Certificates of Hong Kong Origin
  3. Certificates of Origin - Processing
  4. Certificates of Origin - Re-Export
  5. Certificates of Origin - Without Transit/With Transhipment

Legalisation of Commercial Documents
Export Declaration, Conformity, Price List, Quotation, Contract, Etc.

Other related services: Trade Declarations

EDI Services
The Chamber currently operates Electronic Trading Access Service (ETAS) Centres at its Hong Kong and Kowloon offices to help lodge the trade declarations of traders who are not equipped to do so electronically.

The Chamber offers the following EDI services:

  1. Trade Declaration
  2. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin
  3. Certificate of Hong Kong Origin (CEPA)
  4. Certificate of Processing

For details about the Chamber's Origin Certification and other trade documentation services, please contact the following at :

Hong Kong Office

Mr. F.H. Wan Tel: (852)2843 6688,
  (852)2525 0138
Fax: (852)2845 0300

Tsimshatsui Office

Ms. Loraine Chow Tel: (852)2301 3681
Fax: (852)2723 9884

Hunghom Office

Ms. Cara Yeung Tel: (852)2356 0122
Fax: (852)2356 0978
Other Services
The Indian Chamber of Commerce offers many service and benefits to its' members. Services being offered include Origin Certification, EDI Services, etc.

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